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Couples in Business

Life is so good, we are wishing you all a wonderful weekend! If you are in the NYC area GET OUTSIDE and enjoy this summer day we are experiencing! You and I both know they will be a long lost memory within another few weeks.

We have not been completely committed to updating our website, but here we are ready for a re-start! We have been pretty busy lately with a big trade show we have coming up in November. The details we have to work on only get more intense as the show approaches! Serkan has designed an entire Hotel Collection with an amazing hospitality designer, Beth Donner! We cannot share too many details with you all right now, we want the debut at the show to be just as exciting for those attending as it is for you all following along online.

If you are new to our page, Serkan and I are what we like to call an ummm, dare we say, power couple!? What is a #powercouple ? To us, it is simply a couple that is more powerful together than apart! We work and play together so well and though we don’t necessarily recommend our lifestyle to others we are truly happy with it! Why, you ask? Combining business with pleasure has been a no-no since the beginning of time...I think. Switching gears personal to professional and back again multiple times a day can drive you mad. And, most days, I won't lie, it does!

“Are you guys really as happy as you seem on Instagram?” Shockingly, we get this question often from both family and friends. It never occurred to us that anyone seeing our posts may doubt the validity of it all. Well, here is the short answer, yes, of course! But let’s be honest here, we are not shitting rainbows (excuse my french) everyday for one another. It gets hard, really hard some days, and yes, there ARE days when I question everything we are doing, but as cliche, as it is, love always prevails.

What we want you all to know is this, we got lucky, lucky to find one another and lucky to have roots strong and sturdy to help us stand upright through it all...together.


For those of you who have been following us since day one THANK YOU. We love you and hope you continue to enjoy our feed. We look forward to sharing our life with you!!! Let us know what you guys want to see more of!!!

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