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Adventure Days

Since day one Serkan has planned impromptu Adventure Days for us. Despite my need for control I was never any good at planning travel or activities in general. Serkan on the other hand LOVES it and can find the most underrated places to explore and so far (knock on wood) he has not failed us.

On Sunday morning we took our usual walk along the river. This particular morning was not so different from all of the other days when the sun has graced us with its bright presence. By the time we got half way home we both knew we were heading there only to change and quickly plan out a little adventure. I get incredibly excited when Serkan decides today is is a perfect day for an Adventure Day. Like a little kid I literally jump around the apartment!

Serkan Yapicilar at The Standard in Chelsea New York

Living right next to the New York Waterway ferry building makes it easy to get to the city, and the boat ride is always fun! The view of the skyline never looses its sparkle, I dreamed of living in NYC as a young girl (yes, I did live in the city once upon a time) so being able to visit at the drop of a hat is sublime.

After hopping on the Ferry to #NYC and grabbing a good old fashioned yellow cab 🚕 we stopped at the Standard Grill for brunch and then went on a walk through the supernatural New York City streets. We grabbed coffee at the Starbucks Reserve in Chelsea and then ended up in a thrift shop that could have held us captive for hours.


The Standard Hotel is was always one of my favorite places when I lived in the city years ago. The cocktails are amazing. Below you can see the two that we chose for brunch. We ordered the Blush Hour (for me) and the Collins-Worthy (for Serkan). The Blush Hour has #Vodka and #Rosé and the Collins is spiked with #Gin. Be sure to ask for it spiked and if you want to you can also ask them to go easy on the raspberry. This will make the drink less sweet and sugary!

The brunch is great too, no need to make a reservation, just walk in and have a drink at the bar while waiting for your table. The bartenders are truly something else. We were served this tangy take on the Collins-Worthy after the woman behind the bar listened to Serkan explain his likes and dislikes of craft-cocktails. The wait is usually no more than 15min or so, just enough time to get started and head to your table with a delicious drink.


If you are visiting NYC and have even the slightest appreciation for the coffee empire #Starbucks has built, the Starbucks Reserve in Chelsea is a must see. The machinery is wild and the beverages you can have made for you finally make paying +$5 for a cup of coffee comprehensible.

Take in the next five words very slowly, Whiskey-Barrel-Aged-Cold-Brew! Now Say it aloud 'Whiskey Barrel Aged Cold Brew'. Mmhmm, it is a thing but you will have to come to the big city to try it. Trust me if you like coffee or whisky or better yet coffee and whiskey its worth the trip. They even offer flights and tasting experiences. Check out the link above for the full menu!


Calling all thrifters!!! If you love a good thrift store and have NOT visited NYC, you really have no idea what thrifting is all about. A close friend of mine, Morgan, is the queen of thrift. I am not sure she has purchased a 'new' article of clothing in years and somehow she consistently looks like a million bucks. It's impressive. When she came to see me last year hours were spent at the best spots in town (Buffalo Exchange anyone)?

On Sunday Serkan and I stumbled upon a thrift store we had both never heard of before called No Particular Hours. It was choc-full of old hardware and fixtures. As you can imagine in our line of business this was a very exciting find! You will see below they advertise Vintage Goods, Industrial Artifacts and...drum roll please...Dead Peoples Things.


After browsing for a while we continued on our way. Walking in no particular direction taking every second or third turn is one of my favorite things to do in this city. Sure you can use Google to help you find every single thing going on, but the excitement is in the wander for us. I mean if we had not been simply wandering about we would not have found ourselves on 6th Ave walking the 'flea-market' that runs for at least 5 city blocks!

There were so many unique vendors. In fact a few years ago we set up a booth here showing our Moss Art. You will meet some really interesting business owners here who are blissfully living the American Dream. My favorite was a vegan soap and candle company (kicking myself now for not catching the name in the photo) and another booth that was showing a huge collection of jewelry made from old pocket watches! It really is a magical city, it never ever loses it sparkle and there is always something brand new to see!


To those of you who are in a relationship, DO NOT GET LAZY (and if you are not apply this to your relationship with yourself)! Surprise your partner whenever you can, even the smallest gesture can set into action a chain of acts-of-appreciation in your relationship. Serkan and I live for these little moments. It’s not easy, there are some days I try to do something special for him quite literally to keep myself from going completely mad. The point is relationships take a lot of work, don’t crap out on your partner today, REMIND YOURSELF why you love this person by doing something sweet for them!! A day’s end is always better when you take a second to think of the good in your life, trust me it’s there 😉

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