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Just Married!


It is with great pleasure and with hearts overflowing that we announce our marriage. After what was a trying year for us all we decided to focus on what matters most, what brings us the most joy and to chase after it fearlessly. 


Sitting in our new NYC showroom writing this announcement reminds us of how precious life really is. We, like so many others, made plans only to then have them fall through…'due to Covid'. We saw friends lose loved ones, we shared in the disappointment of other couples who were forced to postpone their big day and we witness new life enter a world where Mommy and Daddy were forced to greet their bundle of joy with masks on. In each and every moment of what seemed like extreme distress we were shown just how much love can touch. 


So, on January 18th, 2021 there was no fancy venue or even a guestlist, just raw and pure love between two people, before their loving parents and under the law of the state of New York. We confirmed our love and commitment to one another, to our families and to the future of our beloved nephews.

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