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Chasing Waterfalls in Upstate New York

I can't believe how many people have been surprised and more so shocked that these falls exist in our backyard. After posting on Instagram and sharing with a few friends (can you even imagine) in person I knew I needed to share our full experience.

If you look closely you can see Serkan there to the right of the Kaaterskills Fall. Due to social media the popularity of these falls has grown significantly. Unfortunately the need for likes has take more than a handful of lives over the past decade. Park Rangers report that every death in the past ten years was linked to taking or posing for a photo. DOCUMENT RESPONSIBLY people. #DoitfortheGram safely!

Back to the fun stuff, the falls are only about 110 miles from New York City! This made for a relatively short drive up and the scenery on the way is well worth the drive.

The hike to where you see Serkan is really quite easy. The trail is VERY rocky so I highly recommend hiking boots for traction. A walking stick doesn't hurt either, I found on on the edge of the tiny parking lot that I returned when we were done. #Payitforward

It took us roughly 30 min to reach the falls. There were only a handful of people on the trail and even less once we reached the top. There is a way to get up to the top, however, we did not go that far. You can see the Kaaterskills Falls Viewing Deck from below and from what we heard from other hikers it is about another 30-40 min. hike and remains an easy trek.

We didn't stay long but before we left the four of us climbed up to the ledge you see Serkan standing on in the first photo. We had a nice water break and a few snacks before heading down. Our next destination being Peekamoose Blue Hole, about a 45min drive south.

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